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About us

We are united by our shared passion to ensure health tests are accessible to everyone.

Our inspiration came from an advert that shed light on the challenges faced by blind or partially sighted women who rely on others to read their pregnancy test results.

We strongly believe everyone should have the choice of privacy and autonomy with regards to personal health. Our goal is to introduce a range of health tests which can be used anywhere, every day.  Our tests can support understanding of various health areas. Our research and areas of interest includes female specific health and hormone tracking tests through to supporting a wider public health initiative to monitor various health areas and diseases in the UK and globally.

Our values and purpose

We are committed to create products making healthcare monitoring accessible, stress-free and
patient-centred for everyone.​

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The éclateral patented technology combines technology with a social purpose.
Innovating traditional health testing
methods to deliver digitised test results.
This technology eliminates ambiguity, enabling users to obtain clear and precise results.
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By working together, we harness diverse perspectives, skills and expertise. Our offices are part of a wider collaborative community of innovators. We are actively seeking collaborations with like-minded companies and charities to advance health and would love to hear from you.
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Ensuring compliance and adherence
to regulations, we prioritise data protection
in our product development.
With utmost confidence, our products
deliver sensitive and accurate results, providing reliability, security, and tangible benefits to our valued customers.

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Our team

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