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Introducing o~pal: a portable solution for rapid health testing, disease detection and preventative screening.

o~pal is a low-cost, clinical-grade health and wellness test system delivering rapid results, for use in the home. éclateral has digitalised health tests by integrating electrical components into the chemical matrix of a conventional lateral flow test.  These automated health results are delivered directly to your smartphone device. 

a line of opal readers on a white desk top. One has a test inserted into the reader
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o~pal reader

The o~pal reader is a portable and lightweight handheld device which sends results to the o~pal app using Bluetooth.
The app offers clear results, such as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ in accessible ways, including reading them aloud.

An opal reader on a desk with a the app on a mobile phone next to it

o~pal app

The o~pal app is customised with a user-friendly interface.
It can track your test results over time, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and identify potential health changes. Additionally, should the need arise, the option to share the results with your healthcare provider can be available.

An opal reader on a desk with a the app on a mobile phone next to it
A line of opal test cassettes on a white desk

o~pal tests

The o~pal tests can be designed to detect a wide range of viruses and medical conditions. At the core of our tests lies a novel electrochemical reading element, which enhances sensitivity and precision.
Through rigorous laboratory testing, we have confirmed the exceptional accuracy of our tests.

Our product pipeline

Product pipeline
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About us

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