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Electrochemical rapid test system.

Our patented electrochemical technology forms the foundation of our rapid test system, setting it apart from traditional health tests.

By overlaying a bespoke electrochemical element over a lateral flow strip from any manufacturer, we achieve sensitive and accurate test results.
This unique electronic measurement method offers significant advantages:


  • Monitors health from the comfort of home
  • Reduces reliance on available GP and hospital services
  • Removes the need of use of transport (reducing carbon emissions)
  • Test results can be automatically shared with healthcare professionals for remote diagnosis and monitoring
  • Easy to understand and accessible visually and auditorily

Data security

  • Unique patented technology enables the test results to be accessed on a mobile app
  • Test results can be kept private or directly shared with clinicians
  • A pregnancy test can be taken without questions being asked by family or friends
  • Sexual health tests are now private
  • Clinicians can receive anonymised test results


  • No indication of results, or even which test is being taken
  • Should the test be seen by another person they would not know what it is for, or what the result is
  • Test results are accessed behind a password secured mobile app
  • Only the person with access to the mobile app has access to the test results
  • If tests results are being shared, these can be done anonymously

Real time results

  • Tests are taken at home taking anything between around two to thirty minutes
  • Results are instantly available to you through the mobile app
  • Test results can be automatically shared in real-time with clinicians
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For home use

Our digitalised test results can be easily shared and assessed by healthcare professionals, ensuring clinical confidence and personalised care.

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For healthcare professionals

We can incorporate a sample control into each test, giving absolute quantification. This allows healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions.

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In clinical trials

All data is secure for user access only.
There is capability for clinicians to run double blinded trials so anonymised data is shared with clinicians where permitted.


We are currently in the process of obtaining ISO13485 certification. Our o~pal reader also meets the requirements for CB/EN electrical safety standards and essential health and safety regulations.

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