Introducing éclateral.

Transforming lateral flow tests
to deliver digital healthcare.

Who we are

We are a high-tech business made up of experienced bio-medical scientists and electronic engineers who are passionate about improving personal health management.
Life is increasingly busy and constantly changing, making managing personal healthcare an additional challenge for many people. We believe that by providing better diagnostic tests we can reduce stress for patients and support busy healthcare systems
A trip to the hospital or GP for a routine test can be inconvenient or even distressing.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our ambition is to develop a diverse range of simple and accessible test kits that empower people to carry out tests at home with clinical professionals diagnosing remotely. This should mean fewer hospital or GP visits and the ability to focus on more immediate priorities for healthcare professionals.

Our mission is that éclateral diagnostic test kits become standard in every household in the UK.

Our technology

Our patented eclateral technology uses electrochemical measurements and lateral flow strips from any manufacturer, partnered with the O~pal reader and App, to deliver objective, quantifiable and accurate data from a sample within 30 minutes.
Our lateral flow tests are more sensitive and accurate than an optical readout or technology due to our unique, electronic, means of measurement, which has two advantages.

  • The electrical readout is inherently more sensitive than the visual readout: analytes and antigens that are not visible to the naked eye can be detected using our patented electrochemical readout.  
  • Because the readout is now an objective measure of electrical properties instead of a subjective analysis that is dependent on the user’s eyesight and ambient lighting, our tests increase reproducibility between users and user groups, and reduce the number of false negative results. 

This technical approach underpins improvements in diagnostics and testing for consumers, healthcare professionals and clinical trials.

For consumers, our tethered data flow enables home testing with clinical confidence by allowing each result to be assessed by a clinician before the result is shared with the patient.

For healthcare professionals, because the electrochemical measurement is unambiguous we can add a sample control to each lateral flow test to allow absolute quantification.

In clinical trial settings, data anonymisation and the secure data flow enabled by removing the optical readout means that our technology is compatible with double-blinded trials. Our strategy of using electrochemical technology at the core of our products will enable better diagnostics for all to promote wellbeing and control illness and disease.

female engineer at computer
app in use on mobile phone

Putting everyday healthcare in people’s hands. O~pal. Coming soon.

A hand-held, lightweight point-of-care diagnostic device that allows for the rapid detection of infectious diseases such as SARS-CoV-2 and performing preventative healthcare screening.
Using electrochemical technology, O~pal digitises a sample on the lateral flow test cassette to deliver a reliable and tamperproof result in just 30 minutes at point-of-care.
The device connects via Bluetooth to a smart device and operates through an Apple or Android application*. The application records the data sent from the O~pal in real-time and the user has the ability to save the results on their personal App and share with their healthcare professional if required.

*Pending application.

opal reader side view
opal reader with lever open
opal reader with cassette